big pauper in yo area.  in promotion of the Sisters lp with odd nosdam i’m hitting the road for a live multimedia glitch video european tour with Cars & Trains.
light feedback enhancement processing with a mudderfugging bpmc basic cable glitch video fx box.
sneak peak from the sisters lp and film with odd nosdam.  OUTSOON!!! oh boy!!
a real shocker.  your pal, da big pauper.
couldn’t sleep a wink.  up late crafting visuals for cars & trains.
turkish hash. rooftop, zurich switzerland. with your pal, big pauper.
ever feel like you are being watchedddd?  bpmc basic cable & fritz decontroller glitch video synth(s).
summer rays.  get ‘em while you can mudderfruggers. light frizzing with the fritz decontroller v3 glitch video machine.
art rock eyez. deep in it!  with the bpmc basic cable glitch video fx processor..